our concept

Our primary objective is to give a new meaning to wearing uniforms by making it evolve towards one of the preoccupations of today's generations THE ENVIRONMENT!

The 7th continent in figure

3.5 million km2 of 90% plastic waste

Fashion at the 2nd rank of polluting industries

A garment made of synthetic fibers can take up to 1000 years to degrade!


Respktful living will always be in style.

Respkt, is a Uniform Atelier created in Montreal, that was born from the concept thatUniforms does not have to come at the expense of our environment and that Uniforms can strike a balance between clothing needs and good intentions. It’s an approach that’s woven into our very name: Respkt.

Sustainably sourced materials fit effortlessly into a modern educational or professional lifestyle, while the fit and details, lend each piece an element of novelty and most importantly COMFORT. That approach lies at the heart of Respkt’s design process, which focuses on the fabric. All materials are sourced with an eye toward environmental good, like per example, fabric made of; plastic bottles collected in the ocean! Or, organic and natural fabrics, and reclaimed fibers that conserve material resources. While it’s an evolving process, one we’re continually striving to improve, We believe that Nature is “the ultimate luxury.”


Throughout the process, we look at various ecological aspects. Where does the raw material come from? Does a mill implement energy saving practices? There are many ways to measure a garment’s environmental impact, but if it’s not in some way an improvement on the status quo, it’s not an option for our Uniforms making.


Sustainability is a human issue, too, and ATELIER RESPKT is committed to supporting the work of artisans and empowering their communities. We believe that fashion and clothing such as Uniforms is a powerful platform for positive global change—that the way we dress influences the way we live, now and in the future. Sustainability is a process, and we’re learning by doing. Knowing it goes beyond the choice of materials, we’re committed to doing our best, to partner with nonprofit fair trade organization, to develop future Uniforms making that will celebrate the work of makers’ collectives worldwide.


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